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Stylish, environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and safe. These best describe linoleum flooring. Find out more about this exceptional flooring option here.

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Safe and Eco-Friendly Linoleum Flooring in Orange County, CA

We all know that our floors affect our home’s design and stability. Little do most people know, floors also have to do with your home’s indoor air quality. That is why flooring products are tested and provided with a FloorScore certification.

Flooring Orange County CA

Home products and building materials naturally emit VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds. These are chemicals emitted as gasses that put a person’s health at risk when inhaled. Since VOCs naturally occur, some flooring products may emit them in very low concentrations. Thus, product packages contain “Low-VOC” and “No VOC” labels.

Fortunately, you will not have to worry about VOCs with natural linoleum flooring. Natural linoleum flooring is made of natural and renewable ingredients, making it one of the safest and greenest flooring materials today. So if you are looking for non-toxic products that are durable and will look great in your space, opt for our natural linoleum flooring in Orange County.

Reasons To Have Linoleum Floors in CA

Sustainability is big in California. So it comes as no surprise that real or natural linoleum flooring is favored by many homeowners. Because apart from being green, linoleum flooring also offers the following benefits:


Linoleum flooring is available in many designs. Homeowners can choose from plain and simple designs to elaborately detailed ones. Because the options are almost limitless, linoleum flooring can complement any home style. 


Linoleum is used in schools and hospitals because of its antimicrobial properties. Not many materials have this feature, which sets natural linoleum flooring apart from them.


The surface of linoleum floors is resistant to scratches and dents. With proper care, linoleum can last 20 to 40 years or more. Unlike laminate floors, linoleum’s colors, patterns, and designs extend from the top layer to the wear layer. 

Easy to Maintain

No special techniques and detergents are necessary for cleaning linoleum floors. A simple sweep, damp mop, or a wipe with a soft cloth will do.

Available in Different Forms

Most people still think that linoleum flooring comes in sheets. But nowadays, you can find linoleum flooring in plank and tile forms that vary in size and thickness. 


Linoleum is smooth, quiet, and soft underfoot, making them a go-to flooring solution in offices and other business establishments.

As you can see, this all-natural flooring material is incredibly versatile, resilient, and cost-effective. It is perfect for homeowners looking for floors that offer great value for money.

Interested in linoleum flooring? Ensure that you find products made from natural materials and are FloorScore certified, such as the products we offer in our Flooring Linoleum CA collection. To learn more about our linoleum products, visit our showroom or speak to one of our representatives.

Installing Linoleum Flooring in Orange County.

Now available in tiles and planks, linoleum flooring is easier to install. No grout or adhesives are necessary when installing linoleum as floating floors. Suppose you prefer linoleum sheets or do not have the time to install your linoleum tiles or planks yourself. In that case, book an appointment with our licensed and high-skilled flooring contractors.

We have all the necessary tools to prepare the site and efficiently complete the installation process. Our flooring contractors will also be precise with their measurements to prevent wastage and unnecessary expenses. After our contractors finish the installation, your linoleum floors will be sealed to ensure a watertight installation.

Find High-Quality Linoleum Flooring in Orange County.

Connect with us today to get free linoleum flooring product samples. You may also visit our showroom to view our extensive collection of linoleum flooring products.

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