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Floors do not always get much attention until they are dirty, damaged, or we are building new. So when the time comes you need to install new floors, refer to this guide.

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Homeowner’s Practical Guide To Flooring in Orange County, CA

This practical guide to flooring in Orange County aims to provide homeowners with the necessary information when installing new floors. We will discuss the benefits of investing in quality flooring and the pros and cons of various flooring materials. 

Flooring Orange County CA

3 Reasons To Invest in Quality Flooring

Choosing flooring products based on their price tags or designs may come at a cost. You would probably have to plan for another flooring installation project in the near future. To avoid more unnecessary spending, consider the quality of the flooring products too. Here are reasons for investing in top-quality flooring products:

They are safe

Did you know that floors affect your home’s indoor air quality? Surface flooring, underlayment materials, and adhesives must be tested for VOC emissions. For your safety, choose products with FloorScore certification.

They are durable

Flooring products are tested for their quality and durability. If a product is industry-approved, it has passed several rigorous tests and strict standards created by the manufacturer and the authorities in the flooring industry, including the government.

They boost your home’s resale value

High-quality flooring is a must for homebuyers because it is convenient and practical. Foundation building is the most expensive part of a new home construction project. Therefore, buying a property with floors in tiptop shape is a bargain.

Looking Into Different Flooring Materials

The following discusses a specific flooring material’s advantages and disadvantages. Use this as a guide when choosing flooring in Orange County.


Choose the Right Floor for every Room in your House.

Pros: Hardwood comes in various finishes and is a versatile flooring option. It works well in homes with rustic, traditional, or modern styles. In addition, hardwood is considered environmentally friendly as it can be sanded down and refinished to make them look new again.

Cons: Installing hardwood floors can come at skyrocketing prices. Also, they have to be regularly sealed to make them resistant to scratches, dents, and pressure. On top of that, they should not be exposed to moisture for long periods.


Pros: Laminate imitates the look of wood and other designs. They can be installed on any floor, are scratch-resistant, and do not require refinishing, unlike natural wood. Many laminate products are also water-resistant.

Cons: Laminate may feel synthetic and uncomfortable to stand on for long durations. Plus, because they cannot be refinished, they have to be replaced when they show signs of damage.


Pros: Vinyl flooring comes in different application methods. They can also be installed in high-moisture areas because of their waterproof property. Vinyl is also great for active areas in the home because it can withstand heavy foot traffic and resist scratches and stains.

Cons: Glued-on vinyl floors can be quite tricky to remove. They also cannot be repaired. Though they do not decrease a home’s market value, they also do not increase it.


Pros: Tile flooring is perfect for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens. They are incredibly durable and can be used to create custom designs to personalize a space.

Cons: Installing tile flooring is costly and labor-intensive. Not being careful with selecting tile colors and designs can make a space look outdated. Finally, tile floors must be regularly sealed because cleaning grout can be grueling.


Pros: Carpet adds warmth and personality to an area. They are comfortable to stand on and can be used to dampen sounds. Carpets are also excellent for households with young children.

Cons: These may harbor dust and dirt. Therefore, they have to be regularly vacuumed. They also can be difficult to clean when stained.

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